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I’m an experienced freelance Certified Copy Editor and Proofreader currently living in Elmira, New York–the city famous for the writings of the great Mark Twain. A perfectionist by nature, discovering errors has always come naturally to me. In fact, recognizing mistakes in road signs, restaurant menus, billboards, or newspapers often drives my family and friends crazy! Inaccuracies seem to flash at me like a neon sign.

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I have edited a multitude of works for authors, and I am very pleased to have edited numerous books for Donna Mabry, a multi-award-winning author who made the Wall Street Journal best-seller list for her book, MaudeI am also very proud to announce that one of my other clients, Vital Germaine, is a top-selling author on Amazon for his books, Flying Without a Net and Flying Without a Net 2.0. Formerly a member of the famous Las Vegas production Cirque du Soleil, Vital has now started his own entertainment production company, as well as becoming a dynamic and engaging motivational public speaker, corporate trainer, and facilitator, inspiring others to overcome challenges (as he has) and achieve greatness. I am also extremely honored to have edited a project for THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, as well as books for several publishing houses.​
Joyce Mochrie, Owner
“Her meticulous attention to detail is unparalleled. When I send her work that I think is almost perfect, she always manages to find more errors than I ever thought could be there. Joyce has polished many of my novels identifying numerous errors that others, including myself, previously missed. I COULDN’T PUBLISH WITHOUT HER!
Donna Mabry, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author
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One Last Look
Joyce Mochrie, Owner
Phone: 607-425-6281
Email: proofpro14@aol.com
I’ve been involved in editing–one way or another–since being appointed Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper. My love and flair for editing led me to become certified in this field. While living in Las Vegas, Nevada, I was employed by Boyd Gaming Corporation in the Marketing Department for 14 years, editing and proofing marketing projects of all sizes.

Every project I work on, whether it be small or large, is given my full and undivided attention and focus. It’s very important to me personally that every client be completely satisfied. 

I’m very proud of the close working relationship I’ve developed with all of my clients. My meticulous attention to detail, quick turnaround time, proficiency in identifying errors (including errors that others have missed), and my ability to detect when a story line drifts off course or when incorrect character names are used have established my reputation of truly caring about my clients’ work.